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Waters of Mormon

I accept Lake Atitlan as the lake which was called the waters of Mormon. Mosiah 18:5 indicates there was a fountain of pure water in the land of Mormon, and I believe close to the waters of Mormon.

Even today, when you visit the people who live around Lake Atitlan, especially the small village of Santiago Atitlan, they view these waters as the purest of all waters, and the source of the Maya culture itself. Each year they have a festival on the water that celebrates it purity.

Although Mormon 1:5 states that Mormon's father was named Mormon, he was not named after his father. As indicated in 3 Nephi 5:12, Mormon was named after this land and water, a place he had never been, and which he never saw. One might assume his father was given that name for the same reason. 3 Nephi 5:20 states that Mormon was a pure descendant of Lehi. Is it possible that Mormon was named after these pure waters, the waters of Mormon, to reflect the purity of his lineage. If so, is it possible this is why Mormon's son, Moroni, was not named Mormon?