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Land of Moron

Ether 7:6 indicates the land Moron was near the land Desolation. I believe there are a number of proper names in the Book of Mormon that owe their origin to the land of Moron, such as Moron-i, A-moron and Am-moron.

The land of Moron corresponds with the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico. Archaeologists report that in the city of Oaxaca, at a site named Monte Alban, there existed an ancient School of the Scribes, which was the Yale-type university during the life of Mormon.

Although Mormon was born in central Mexico, Teotihuacan, he was commander of the army in Zarahemla, which was a few hundred miles south. The land of Moron, the School of the Scribes, was located mid-way between those two locations. I believe that once Mormon got married, he moved his family to the land of Moron, sent his son(s) to the School of the Scribes, and is one of the reason his son Moron-i has a name meaning, "from Moron."

It is entirely possible that Amoron, as mentioned in Moroni 9:7, may have been Moroni's brother, and was born in the land above Moron, A-moron.