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Land of Jershon

Alma 27:22 states that the land of Jershon extended from the east sea, to south of the land Bountiful. (see map) I believe it is a narrow strip of land that separated the land of Ishmael and the land of Zarahemla.

It also appears that although Jershon was down from the land of Ishmael, (see Alma 27:26), it was in some what of a valley, as you had to go over mountain ranges from all four sides, to get to the land:

Alma 35:6-8 indicates that the people from Antionum, the Zoramites, had to travel over a mountain range to reach the land of Jershon. As already indicated, the land of Antionum was on the eastern seaboard, and east of Jershon. (see Alma 31:3)

Alma 35:13 indicates that the people from Melek also had to travel over a mountain range to reach the land of Jershon. Melek was northwest of Jershon.

Alma 30:19 indicates that Corihor went from Zarahemla, over into the land of Jershon. Zarahemla was north of the land of Jerson.

Jershon was therefore a large valley, probably close to sea level, yet bounded by mountain ranges, (probably small ones), on all four sides. The best candidate for this area are the small mountain ranges in the transition from Guatemala to the Mexican southern lowlands.