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City of Teotihuacan

At the time period that Mormon was born, Teotihuacan was the political capital over all the major cities in Mesoamerica. (see Teotihuacan, an Experiment in Living, by Esther Pasztory). I believe it is where Mormon was born and raised.

Mormon 1:6 indicates Mormon Jr. was carried into the land southward at the age of 11, by his father.

Mormon 2:1 indicates Mormon, at the age of 15 was made the commander of "their" armies. Mormon referred to the Nephite armies as "their" armies, not "our" armies, as he was then in the land of the Nephites and not his land of birth. He represented the Nephite armies as being "their armies," when he first became the commander of the armies, but two years later, he represented the armies as "my armies." (see Mormon 2:3) It took Mormon two years to view himself as part of the Nephite nation.