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City of Moroni

Alma 50:13 states that the city of Moroni was built on the coast of the east sea and far enough south that it was by the lands of the Lamanites. I have already mentioned that the city of Aaron was located above this city, and the land of Nephihah was contiguous to this city, as well as the city of Aaron, and west of both.

3 Nephi 8:9 indicates that the city of Moroni sank into the sea at the crucifixion of the Savior, and He referred to it as the "great city of Moroni." It must have therefore been an impressive city. So the foundations of the city were laid around 70bc, and the completed city sank into the ocean in 34ad. This allowed for around 100 years of growth.

One can assume that this city was named after Captain Moroni.