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City and Land of Morianton

As indicated in (Alma 50:26 and 51:26) the land and the City of Morianton were located on the east seashore. It was also south and adjacent to the land of Lehi. The name of Morianton first appears among the people of Jared. There was a great Jaredite builder by that name, who was the son of Riplakish. This name is therefore a Jaredite name. I believe it means East of the Mountain(s).

Mori = east

Anton = mountain

The city of Morianton got its name from the Jaredite commander named Morianton, not because of its location. Although Alma tells us when the city of Lehi begun to be built, as well as other cities along the eastern seashore, it does not mention when the city of Morianton was built. It is therefore possible that this city was built before the Nephites arrived in this land, and/or was named after the great Jaredite builder, who was named Morianton. (see Ether 10:12)