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City and Land of Lehi

Alma 50:15 indicates the city of Lehi was:

  • on the north
  • in the north.
  • by the borders of the seashore

    Alma 51:26 indicates the city of Lehi was*

  • on the east borders by the seashore

    Alma 50:26 indicates:

  • the land of Morianton and the land of Lehi were adjacent to each other, as they *fought

    over a piece of land that both cities claimed. Since we are told Morianton was on the

    east sea, and Lehi was "on the north," (as well as the east sea), it is logical to assume

    the land of Morianton was south of the land of Lehi.

    *This conflict between the lands of Lehi and Morianton is the only such conflict

    mentioned between Nephites, over Nephite cities/lands. I believe the reason

    such a conflict existed, is because the demarcation between these two lands was not a

    natural geographical marker, such as a river or a mountain range, etc. As shown on

    page 260 in the Lives and Travels of Mormon and Moroni, I believe these two lands

    were separated by the line created with the rising of the sun during the summer solstice.

    It was a common practice in the Book of Mormon for the Nephites to quarter their lands,

    houses, etc. (see Alma 43:26) It was also a common practice among the Maya.

    Having been to this land, I know there are few natural demarcations to act as a

    boundary. I therefore believe they used the line as described above, which would make

    it challenging to know precisely where the lands were divided.