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City Gid

There are seven references to this city, which like the city of Omner was on the east borders by the seashore, as indicated in Alma 51:26. Four of these references refer to the city as the "City of Gid," while three references identify it as the City Gid. From these divergent references, I cannot tell if the city was named after the man Gid, or the reverse. I tend to believe the man Gid was named after the city, because Gid shared military responsibilities with a man who was from a neighboring city, and that man's name reflected in the city above Gid, the city of Omner.

The man's name was Teomner, and he and his military compatriot, Gid shared in some stratagems and battles with the Lamanites, (see Alma 58:16-23). I believe the term "Te" means "the end of." I therefore believe that Te-omner means from the borders (end) of the city of Omner. The City Teancum can be interpreted similarly, as I will explain later.