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City Bountiful

I know the following about the City Bountiful. It was one of the most significant ancient cities of the Maya, (i.e. the Nephites). It was in, or by this city that the Lord appeared to the Nephite nation. Not in Zarahemla, but in Bountiful.

I also know the City Bountiful is located in the land Bountiful. Since I have a general sense of the boundaries of the land Bountiful, from the Mexican Minister of Agriculture, I know the City of Bountiful is located west of those boundaries. The task then becomes to locate a large and influential ancient city in the lowlands of Chiapas, Mexico. There is really only one ancient city that fits that description, the city of Palenque.

Alma 22:32 indicates that the boundary that separated the land Bountiful and the land Desolation, was a line. This is the only boundary in the Book of Mormon that was a straight line, which implies the boundary was not a natural phenomenon, such as a river or a mountain range. It was this line that it took a Nephite a day and a half to walk.

(see Alma 22:32) This is the same general line that currently separates the state of Chiapas from state of Oaxaca. The current state demarcation is essentially the same as it was during Book of Mormon times.